Ever Jane Wiki

Welcome to the Ever, Jane FAQ. These questions have all been raised in our forums or in correspondence. If you have a question, please ask it in the forums.

How do I sign up to Ever, Jane?

Please go to our website and click the "Sign up" link.

I've signed up, now what?

Now go to the download page and follow the instructions

Chrome won't let me download the files?

The best option is to use a different browser! Failing that, go to the "Downloads" section in your menu and find the blocked file. There's an option underneath it to recover the file. Click on that. It'll try to give you some nonsense about "Recover malicious file?" and then mine says "Hurt me plenty" or "Be safe" which seems a little melodramatic, but click on the first option.

I use a Mac, how can I make the program run?

Try this.

I've forgotten my password or username, what do I do?

Please email us on info @ 3turnproductions.com (leave out the spaces) and let us know what your preferred username and password is; we'll change it for you.

How do I move around in the world?

Use w to move forward, s to move backwards, a to move left and d to move right. You may also use the arrow keys, if you prefer. To jump or climb the stairs, press the space bar. To look round or change direction, hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse around. This takes practice if you're not used to it!

What are all the buttons for?

The ones round the character's face are mostly out of use, except for the 2nd one down, which contains an inventory - if you find Mrs Hatch's hankerchief, it will be in your purse there.

The scoring table at the centre bottom of the screen is currently out of use.

The 10 buttons on the bottom right of the screen are as follows: Top row, from left: walking, riding, driving (these three control movement speed), out of use, out of use Bottom row, from left: Add to friends, change wallpaper, "teleport" back to the Parlor (useful if you get lost), change settings (also toggles the map, currently out of use), exit the game.