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Players can choose to be like Marianne Dashwood preferring Happiness over Duty. This decision will gain the admiration of those around her who enjoy her lightheartedness, but will offend those like Mr. Knightly who prize duty.

Personality traits are raised (and lowered) through daily activities in the game, starting with the gossip system where what people say about you can affect your reputation and status.

In addition to gossip, there is an invitation system that allows players to invite one another to various events in-world. The invitation system can be used to enhance one's personality traits but it requires strategic thinking. If a player invites a person of higher Status with the hope of improving their own Status, care must be taken. If the player invited rejects the invitation it will harm rather than improve Status. If the invitation is accepted, but out of Duty rather than Happiness, the Status will only improve slightly. On the other hand, if the player invited accepts with Happiness, Status improvements may be as much as doubled.

Trying to understand how other people will react to you is part of the Jane Austen character experience. [1]

Each character in Ever, Jane has its own set of character traits and it is up to the player to determine which traits must be sacrificed. The choices the player makes will determine the opportunities available throughout the game.

Character traits are divided into two types: active and passive. An active character trait is one which the player can decide they wish to cultivate or sacrifice while progressing through the world and interacting with others. Passive character traits are modified through activities designed to improve them, such as learning a dance or mastering the pianoforte.[2]

April 2015: Although the scoring isn't yet implemented, you can increase and/or decrease your preferred statuses.

Active traits[]

There are 5 active character traits:

Passive traits[]

Passive traits are improved by changes in the active traits and by activities taken in game. Learning a dance will improve one’s gracefulness which will impact Beauty and Happiness. Learning Italian demonstrates one’s breeding which, in turn, improves one’s Gentility which increases status.